Hello, Everyone! It Is I! The Admin And Founder Of The Site Known As AQWorlds Zone Forums. Please

Enjoy My Page And Feel Free To Join The Forum That Started It All Http://S1.Zetaboards.Com/AQWorldsZoneForums

My Achievments:

Username: Trevor Bell
AZF Username: Admin

Forum Position:AQWorlds Zone Forums Admin And Site Founder


Dwarfhold: Rank 3
Evil: Rank 6
Yokai: Rank 4

Favorite Weapon: Supreme Dragon Hammer & Legendary Sword Of Dragon Control

Favorite Monster: Chaos Beasts & Dragons

Favorite Helm: Undead Arment & Soulseeker's Grim Hood

Favorite Cape: Cloak Of Vath & Frost Drake Wings

Favorite Armor: Drakonus Armor & Undead Warrior

My Inventory:

cape.gifCloak Of Vath
cape.gifCourtly Cape
cape.gifHighborn Cloak

Houses & Items:

Haunted House

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