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Note#1: *This what I look like when I was level 1 rank 1 warrior when I was Terex77
Note#2: *This what I look like when was level 16 rank 4 Dragon Slayer when I was Terex77

Username: IonIce,Bruxelle

Character Page:My Character Page My Alt Character Page

Path of Good or Evil or Chaos?:(Main) Good
Path of Good or Evil or Chaos?:(Alt) Evil

Clan: Falcor

Level: 66/85
Level Alt: 60/85

Factions of choice:(Main) Good and Lycan
Factions of choice:(Alt) Evil and Vampire
Reputation Standings:(Main)
Dwarfhold: 4/10
Good: 4/10
Yokai: 4/10
Vampire: 1/10
Lycan: 10/10
Evil: 5/10
Mythsong: 5/10
Archgrove: 7/10
Sandsea: 10/10
DoomWood: 10/10
Fishing: 2/10
Horc: 5/10
CronoSpan: 6/10
ThunderForge: 6/10
Blade Of Awe: 7/10
SkyGuard: 3/10
SwordHaven: 4/10
SpellCrafting: 2/10
Troll: 5/10
Chaos: 6/10
LoreMaster: 2/10
EtherStorm: 7/10
Embersea: 10/10

My Inventory:(Main)

My Inventory:(Alt)
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