SirBlackAxe (Rose Fenix)

AZF Username: SirBlackAxe
AQWorlds character name: Rose Fenix

Forum Position: Member #102 (Senior Member)
Favorite Monster:Black Knight
Favorite Weapon:Combat Soulreaper of Miltonius
Favorite Helm: Queen Tryal's Crown
Favorite Cape: Guardian Shadow
Favorite Armor: Vivid Mountaineer (Before they changed the CC They fixed it :D)
Favorite Class: Paladin
Level: 35
upholder2.jpg member.jpg friday13.jpg kungfood.jpg
punter.jpg ptr.jpg eye-was-there.jpg stubborn.jpg
Reputation Standings:
Dwarfhold Rank 10
Good Rank 10
Yokai Rank 10
Evil Rank 10
Vampire Rank 10
Lycan Rank 10
Mythsong Rank 10
Arcangrove Rank 10
My Inventory: Out of date. Seriously, just look at my character page.

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