The Twilight

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Our Goals Are simple yet complex
We aim to Build a strong community of gamers and RPers alike, Our goal is to Make a Clan full fun and interesting people
I promise if you Join us you wont regret it.

I'm Almost always on AQW or on the Forum/Website I try to update on time and on a regular basis.
I Try to be Friendly as I can, But I have a Clan to run and I wont mess around if you are a problem.
We need semi active members at least once a month is ok but we prefer you to be on more than that even if its just to check in for a minute.
Our goal is to make friends who enjoy playing together and hanging out in game or on the Forum.
I try to make us look and feel professional and I work hard achieve that So please if you dont like something tell me but in a constructive way. (I hate random nonsensical Rants.)

How To Join

PM The Clan Leader InstantDeath using this Form: (MUST be an account form DragonFable or Adventure Quest Worlds.)
Our meeting place is Death-9999 Zhoom Server.

  1. InGame Name:
  2. Forum Username:
  3. Level:
  4. Dragon Amulet:
  5. Baby Dragon:
  6. Titan Dragon:
  7. Char Page
  8. ----
  9. In Game Name:
  10. Forum Username:
  11. Level:
  12. Member:
  13. Founder/ Beta Tester:


In Game Name: Kevin
Forum Username: InstantDeath
Level: 31
Baby Dragon: Yes
Titan Dragon: Yes
Char Page:

In Game Name: Mrkiller1000
Forum Username:InstantDeath
Founder/ Beta Tester: Yes//


Min Post Count of 15
Battleon Forum Account At Least 3 Days Old
Can't be in CAT (Cheaters/Abusers/Time Wasters)
Must show Char Page!!!

The Word Of The Doomwood Warrior
1. To remember the blade of destiny(or axe of destiny, chaoruppted version does not count)
2. To protect the innocent
3. To help others become strong so they may defend themselves
4. To destroy evil (the undead more then anything)
5. To remember not to judge a book by its cover(if you use evil powers for our cause then we have no quarrel with you)
6. To save rare artifacts and weapons from evil beings [/center]

Clan Link Can Be Located At:

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